Although specialising in buildings mainly constructed during the 1600 and 1700s, we have found that the requirement for our skills also extends to post-war properties as well as those built during the 1960s and 70s.

Most of what was constructed at the turn of the century i.e. during the Edwardian era were built with lime. Later properties were built using cement. The problem many homeowners now face is actually finding contractors who can deal with the maintenance demands of the houses built 60 or so years ago. 

These were traditionally the mainstay of general builders. However, those who can repoint well nowadays are a rare breed as a great number have now retired leaving only modern bricklayers and those whose experience extends to modern building sites only. These engender a one-dimensional approach which is only really suitable for new-build projects. Here, brick pointing revolves around a very rich cement mortar flung together with chemical plasticisers and frost-proofing agents. The joints are finished with a bucket handle pointing style and often brushed too early leading to cracking.

The older properties require a softer approach where a weaker cement mortar is needed. This is often guaged with natural hydraulic lime or lime hydrate and flush finished using the type of tools and equipment prevalent half a century ago. 

We use our own sands blended and mixed to sympathetic ratios. We also gauge in weak NHLs and also use wet lime hydrate which has been laid down for a minimum of 12 months. 

We use full dust extraction - when raking out - and our repertoire of specialist equipment contains professional cutting and raking tools. We take all precautions to protect vulnerable windows, frames, cills, drainpipes, downpipes and soil pipes. 

We do not send quotes via text message preferring instead fully written quotation documents. 

We will provide you with the same exclusive service to your 20th Century property as we do to all other period properties on which we work. 

You will find that with us on board, your site will be kept clean, clear, and safe.

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