I currently have one member of staff, Tom, so you can expect up to two people working on your project.

I train all staff personally and they work to the same high standard as myself. They are well educated, bright and enthusiastic as well as being capable craftsmen able to work on quality refurbishment projects anywhere in the country.

A bit  about  the latest addition to Michael James Design: Tom is a talented stone mason. At 30 he's qualified, fit, strong and capable of working with the same tools and materials as I use - on any job.

Anyone who I have ever employed has always been hand-picked. I never recruit, I recognise. When I see potential I aim to enhance it as I know that person will be an asset to both myself and my clients. 

Supplier colleagues

I recommend very few suppliers of lime products but Kentish Lime is brilliant. Catch them of facebook marketplace at https://www.facebook.com/kentlimesupply/?epa=SEARCH_BOX or call Rudolph Dassler on 07379 410301