Below: Littlemore hot lime (quicklime) project.

Stow on the Wold: This Grade 11 listed property is undergoing extensive work, some of which will include internal and external lime repointing as well as lime plastering.

This very attractive and naturally aged Grade 11 listed property in Bicester is in need of complete external restoration. Almost everything you see is original. Therefore, every effort will be made to replicate exactly the 16th century pointing. We will be using quicklime and a traditional blend of sand and aggregate with horsehair.  Whilst on site well will also re-establish a blocked up window.  

Buckland cottage: this thatch cottage was repointed using cement mortar. The result of which is that the stone has now become the sacrificial element instead of the mortar. The upshot of this is that the weather is slowly eating the house. Once a like-for-like heritage grade mortar has been re-established the house will begin to operate much more efficiently. 

Having already successfully completed extensive renovation work on the north side of this Bledington property we have been invited back to attend to the south facing elevation and also the west facing gable end.